Shooting causes character to shoot forward

I am just playing around with a basic FPS and i am very new to unity and scripting. I have a character and a script written to shoot a bullet from a spawn point right in front of the gun. When i shoot the bullet sometimes it causes my character to go flying forward across the screen. As of now i have a rigidbody on the character and the bullet. I also have a script that destroys the bullet after 1 second. Is there anything I can change to make my character to not fly forward?

The script I used for shooting is:

var Bullet : Transform; var bulletSpeed : float = 5000;

function Update () { if(Input.GetButtonDown("Shoot")) {var shoot = Instantiate(Bullet, GameObject.Find("SpawnPoint").transform.position, Quaternion.identity); shoot.rigidbody.AddForce(transform.forward * bulletSpeed);} }

Thanks for any help

Place the bullet and player on separate layers, then in the edit->project settings->physics uncheck collision between those layers in the matrix.

Your player is most likely colliding with your bullet.

Ok i have one more problem when i am moving forward and right nothing shoots. As of now i have "w" for forward and "d" for right. To shoot i am using "e" is there a way to fix that?