Shooting projectile : GameObjects or Particles?


I would like to implement a shooting system for a little 3D game. I know I don’t want hitscan for my game but bullets that take time to travel, can be dodged… but I can’t decide if I’d rather instantiate GameObjects as bullets or if I use particles as bullets.

I saw this tutoriel that make me wanna go with particles (I don’t have performance issues it’s just a small game, but it seems attractive) : Controlling Particles Via Script - Introduction and Session Goals [1/11] Live 2017/2/8 - YouTube

Besides the aspect of performances, have anyone experienced both and can advice me on which should be the best (in term of gameplay, flexibility, …)? Or just some advices? :slight_smile:


Good day.

I recommend to use gameobjects. ITs more easy to attach edit, scripitng, destroy when necessary, etc…