Shooting Too Many Projectiles

Everytime I hit "1" to execute my projectile shoot, it shoots like over 9000 of them. Any idea how to fix?

function Do() 
    isMoveable = false;
    isWalking = false;
    yield WaitForSeconds(1.3);

function Do2() 
    var meteor = Instantiate(meteorPrefab, GameObject.Find("meteorSpawnPoint").transform.position, transform.rotation);
    meteor.rigidbody.AddForce(transform.forward * 1);
    yield WaitForSeconds(0.6);
    isWalking = true;
    isCasting = false;

Showing us the actual shoot code wouldn't hurt (where it checks key press.)

My guess is you're using Input.GetKey when you should be using GetKey.KeyDown if you only want it to run once per key press.

But if you want it to keep shooting while holding key down, you'll need to do a yield on the Do2 function so that it waits for the function to finish before running it again.