short script error mesige

public var curwp : Transform; public var open : Transform[];

function Start () {
    open = GetComponentsInChildren(Transform);  <------

function LateUpdate () {
    bestrate = 10000;

    for (var value : Transform in open){
    print (3);
        var ratesorce = value.GetComponent (score);

        if (ratesorce.ttlscr < bestrate){
        print (4);
            bestrate = ratesorce.ttlscr;

InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination type. controler.Start () (at Assets/controler.js:5)

problem is the get component in children in function start.

my mane question is am I using the right function.

this is part of a path finding script and get component in children refers to nodes contained in the object this script is in.

any solutions.

Answered this a couple hours ago - use the generic version of the function: