Shortcut Key to Maximize Viewport

When I am working in the Scene view (or in the orthographic viewports), it would be nice to hit a key to toggle between current view (Wide) and full-screen “maximized” viewport. 3ds Max has this. Any idea?

I’ve checked the keyboard shortcuts PDF and the in-editor key mappings and can find no such shortcut key.



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For people who stubble upon this like me, it looks like Unity 4.3 changed it too shift + space.
Check preferences/keys to disable the shift requirement (disable the flag) or just if yopu like to assign another key to this.

I never was in need of this feature but as far as i remember just hit the space bar... It will maximize the current active window (even the inspector or console).

edit I just tried it in Unity3.0 and it works only for tabs that are docked into the main window. So it you have a tab in a floating window it doesn't work. But all docked tabs in the main Unity window can be maximized with the space bar (even custom EditorWindows) when they are active.

GreatBasil’s solution of removing the Shift modifier worked for me as well. Thanks @GreatBasil .

doesn’t work for Mac Unity though :(,doesn’t work for Mac Unity though. :frowning:

EDIT: nm… apparently it’s just my Mac that it doesn’t work on… anyone else have this issue with SHIFT+SPACE shortcut not working on their Mac Unity?

If you are on mac you can just make a pinch-to-zoom gesture on touchpad.

The Default Shortcut is Shift+Spacebar, but if you want to change it to something else In Unity 2020.3.25 LTS.

You go to Edit->Shortcuts, and search for Maximize in the search bar.

To change the key bindings, Simply double-click on the Shortcut, and input your new key binding.

Don’t worry about having conflicting shortcuts, The editor will worn you before making the change if there is already a command that is assigned to your keys of choice.