Shorter Unity Pro License Period for Vision Pro

I’m done with my vision pro trial month, and it was exciting to set up an immersive environment and greybox a few ideas. However, I find myself questioning whether I should continue developing my game idea. It feels like the vision OS build environment is still in beta, and it’s not clear how viable this platform is for fully immersive games.

My question is: would unity be open to creating unity pro subscriptions exclusively for the vision pro with shorter licensing periods (I’m thinking 6 months)? That would be enough time to build a rudimentary game. It makes more sense than committing to a 2 year license for a platform with an uncertain future in gaming.

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Unfortunately this really isn’t really something that falls under the teams purview but I can share the idea and feedback internally.

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But you can pay monthly

Whether you pay annually or monthly, it’s still an annual plan/commitment.