shot delay in between bullets

How do I make a delay time or a very short period of time where the player can't shoot so you can't fire the gun as fast as you want. Here is what part of my script looks like:

    if(canshoot == 1){
        var bulletCreateS = Instantiate(spasbullet, GameObject.Find    ("bulletspawn").transform.position, Quaternion.identity);
            Physics.IgnoreCollision(bulletCreateS.collider, Player.collider);
            bulletCreateS.tag = "SMbullet";
            bulletCreateS.rigidbody.AddForce(transform.forward * spbulletspeed);
            AmmoMainGun.ammo -= 1;
            shot = true;
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Check that out... You can make a method that yields with a WaitForSeconds, I do believe it accepts half seconds too, so you can make it more of a machine gun than shotgun... Hope this helps =). Also, I edited, but next time you post, please try to highlight all your code and push the 10101 button =). I know it's your first time, so I'm not being a dick haha. Thanks and good luck!