Should 2.5D use 3D or 2D settings ?

I want to make a 2.5D (2D orthographical view but only with 3d models instead of sprites) game and I want to know if I should use 3d settings and features ( rigidboy , cube collider ,vector3) or just use the 2D settings ( rigidbody2d , box collider , vector2 ) .

just for the record it will be a 2d platformer but with 3d models and lighting .

Also I see that some of 3d features arent in 2d , forexample the Physics.Ignorecollision method , so if it wont make a difference if I used one of them , then I think 3d is better .

For your case, you should use 3D settings since you are using 3D models (2D colliders are not designed for working with 3D models, since its using Box2D). Just use orthogonal camera and you will be ready to go. Also, you answered it yourself, you like the 3D features better :). Just use 3D.

There’s no answer for this. Use whatever works best for you. 2.5D game play like 2D games so you can use 2D components if you want or you can stick with 3D components. I haven’t checked to see if this has been fixed, but not too long ago OnTriggerEnter2D would fire every frame like OnTriggerStay2D. So now when I work in 2D I still use 3D components.

Depends on the look what you want. Do you want it to be more realistic ? Then go with 3D, else 2D.

Also depends on what platforms you’re aiming for. Going for mobile devices, well then you better keep in mind 3D requires more processing power.