Should a physics material be added to the collider or the rigidbody?

If, for example, I had a 2d game where the character walks down a slope and I don’t want him to slide as he’s going down, I can create a physics material with a high friction value, but should that material be added to the player’s collider or his rigidbody? Also, what about the slope itself? Should I add the same physics material to that as well?

Hey, I think I found the answer to your first question. If you assign a physics material to the rigidbody, then all attached colliders of your object will have this physics material. If your object has multiple colliders and you want to assign different physics materials to each of them, then you would assign the physics material directly to the colliders.

You can add a material to each collider and it doesn’t have to be the same. Unlike the 3d physics system the 2d system doesn’t allow to specify how the materials are combined. In 2d physics it seems to be always “multiply”. Though in 3d physics the material can actually choose how to combine the values for each object.