Should hard shadows work on PSM Vita build?

Hi, using Unity free version, should shadows show in game when publishing to a PS Vita using the PSM build? The game runs fine but no shadows. The shadows show within Unity itself just fine. Is this something you need Unity Pro for, or is it not supported on PSM?



It sounds like you need to tweak your quality settings(Edit, Project settings, Quality) in there you’ll find all kinds of interesting and good to tweak settings such as shadow quality, shadow draw distance etc. Hard shadows should work fine without pro.

In my experience though, shadows on Vita tend to look and run horribly. I’m talking performance drops by more than half. Even in simple scenes with few objects on screen those low quality, low resolution shadows with hardly any draw distance that only cast shadows off the main character can cause frame-rates to go from 90fps down to 26fps…

Its my advice to rather just bake and use blob shadows, It will raise draw-calls, but it will yield infinitely better performance.

Perhaps they will update to less demanding shadows someday, but till then I’d say that if you wanted real time shadows, you’d have to drastically drop the internal resolution JUST to get a stable 30fps, and that will look ugly.