Should I even bother to upgrade from 4.6 to 5.2?

So I have two projects that were developed in 4.6, both of which were 85%-90% complete. I upgraded to Unity 5, and all subsequent versions, and neither game works correctly anymore. I’ve been spending weeks trying to get them back up to the level they were before. My issues primarily break down to being:

  • Apparently there was an axis change,
    since my race game, based upon the
    car tutorial, now flips all over the
    place instead of rolling along the
  • Shaders are not acting
    correctly for me, and a lot of my
    scene renders as either pink or
    black. I’ve gone though and tried to
    “Fix Now” any materials that weren’t
    right, and changed shaders where I
  • RTP doesn’t work the way it’s
    supposed to. New terrains and projects do, but
    terrains already made are just not
    working. Tried reimporting it, but
    it’s still not right.

So, my question is, do I really need to upgrade my projects to 5.2? Sure I’ll develop new projects in there, but these two that begun life as Unity 4 projects are almost done, and don’t take advantage of any of the bells and whistles of Unity 5. Is there any compelling reason to continue the uphill struggle of trying to convert them?

Tangentially: Can you have both Unity 4.6 and Unity 5.2 installed on the same system without issues?

If you do not plan on maintaining those projects then I would stick with old version. Next project then start it from newer version.

We moved to Unity5.2 because we are constantly updating our app. Sticking with old versions would mean not taking advantage of new features.

What I would recommend, do not jump on the latest version as soon as it is out. Wait for a few patches and then go there. New releases (5.1, 5.2 and coming 5.3) always come with a bunch of issues. Probably the rush of releasing for marketing reasons. Unity 5.2 was containing a lot of bugs, probably the promise of the release track due date. Unity 5.3 is due early December but I would not touch it until February.

do I really need to upgrade my projects to 5.2?

Is there any fix, feature or improvement in Unity 5.2 you need?

Then yes. Otherwise no.

4.6 will stop getting patches by the end of this year.

If you later find that there is a roadblock, perhaps at the 99th % of your game, well, bite the bullet then and upgrade, work around the issue or drop the feature that is causing problems. Likewise if you later get bug reports from users and it’s due to 4.6 issues, be prepared to do a full upgrade. The longer the upgrade takes, the worse rep you’ll get from your customers.

If you need help upgrading the project, consider hiring a consultant to help you if you can’t get around fixing the issue or see what support Unity offer (make sure to contact them to set your expectations right before you buy a plan).

I’ve been working (simply) with Unity 4.x for awhile now, and the move to 5.x was an extremely painful one. For me, and my understanding of the physics engine, the transition from 4 to 5 broke nearly everything in my games. I wasn’t doing anything complicated, but moving platforms became a pain with Unity 5, as well as the subtle code changes in C#.

I and several peers have been running into issues with our entire projects being deleted entirely off our respective PC’s (backups and all) which never happened to any of us working in Unity 4.x. My advice, stick to Unity 4 until 5 gets a little more stable and the kinks are worked out.