Should I increase the position indefinitely in infinite runner-type games?

Hi. I know this is not really a Unity-specific question, but I’d be grateful if any seasoned developers would share their insight for this question.

Say, if I were to make an infinite runner-type game–different from infinite generation in a game like Minecraft, because old data would simultaneously be erased as new data is generated–would it be a good idea to increase the position indefinitely as new landscapes are generated?
I mean, that would be simpler than say, creating a mechanism by which the position be reverted to the initial position–not the landscapes, of course–but would it be preferable in terms of performance and other reasons that I don’t know about?


There’s no reason not to, unless you believe that a player might exceed the maximum float value for their position eventually.

According to a Google search, that max is 3.402823e+38.

If you really wanted to be sure, you could always make it a treadmill. Instead of moving the player, move the world. You’re destroying what’s behind the player anyway…