Should I scale my GameObject or size its collider?

I’m working on a procedural volumetric level generator. If I want to define a region in space via a Box Collider. I first make an empty GameObject and then add a BoxCollider. Let’s say I want to define a volume 1000^3, what is the difference between setting the GameObject’s scale to 1000^3 and setting the Collider’s Size to 1000^3 and leaving the GameObject at 1^3?

In the simple example of a single gameobject with nothing but a box collider on, there really isn’t any difference!

It is more relavent if your game object has other parts to it, such as a mesh. Then you’ll want to make sure that your box collider accurately matches the size of the mesh (which happens as the default settings). Then you can scale the game object to resize the whole thing as one.

Little tip: Scaling objects with mesh colliders on (or instantiating ones with a scale that isn’t 1,1,1] at runtime is extremely slow - avoid it!