Should I scale the player-ship in a space sim to 1 unit?

I am working on a project that has a similar basic design to Freelancer, for all intents and purposes the player represented in the third person by a ship. When I was prototyping the project I used a Space Shuttle model as a placeholder, building the game around that scale.

Now that I am rebuilding the game properly I am wondering if it would make more sense to have the player-ship scaled at a more man-size scale. Currently the view distances on the cameras are quite large in order to display a reasonable amount of game space and lights and automatic shadow settings are too short.

I am not using any physics in the game so the scale should not effect the gameplay.

My question is whether there is a performance increase in keeping the player around the size of a man or whether it is just a matter of tweaking all the settings to work with the larger (40m) scale?

When you effect the overall scale, you need to modify the physics / scale of…everything to reflect that.

It’s just easier to leave it at the current scale, then perform math to represent that.

In the end the answer is no, the scale doesn’t matter that much, BUT you do need to change a LOT of the default settings on scripts and components to work.

(Note for any forlorn travellers of unity’s answer system)