Should I upgrade to Unity 4


I’m about halfway through making a game, and the question of upgrading to unity 4 has been niggling at me on and off. It’s my first game, and I’m using Unity 3.5.6 Free, the game is a fairly simple 2d game for PC.

I’ve read about people having trouble migrating projects, and would like to know if there i’m missing anything by not moving to 4. I’ve read the features of 4, and given the nature of my game, nothing jumps out at me as must have, but I wonder if 4 has better support for win 8, and newer hardware. To be honest, I’m wary ever to upgrade to the latest version of unity 3.5, given that everything is working at present, but maybe this is overly cautious :slight_smile:

My current plan is to continue developing the current game in 3.5.6 and switch over (hopefully get unity pro) when I’ve made the final version. Does this seem sensible?

Thanks for reading!

I had no trouble upgrading my project from Unity 3.5 Pro to Unity 4.1 Pro. I wanted the redesigned UI though, so for me that was important enough to justify the upgrade.

there’s a unity 4 PRO 30 day trial :slight_smile:

the only major upgrade is mecanim, which I’m not really a big fan of xD If I’d be you I’d wait 'till unity releases their new GUI system :slight_smile:

here’s a upgrade guide :slight_smile: