Should I Use Animation or Force for Following the Path Type of Game?

I have a game design problem. Please check the image attached first. I have player frogs on the bottom side of the scene. These frogs have to follow the marked path following every key down. The map won’t change, it is fixed. But I can’t be sure that should I use constant animations for every changing place movement or add force for the frog’s rigid body


public Transform pathTransforms;
private int placeCounter;

    private void Jump()
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.J))
            transform.DOJump(pathTransforms[placeCounter].position, // jump position
                             5f, // jump power
                             1,  // #of jumps
                             1f, // duration (second)

@ematahankaraman You can use DoTween package for your project and DOJump() function to animate frogs jumping.