Should I use built-in tilemaps or create my own tilemap system?

I have gotten mostly familiar with the Unity built-in tilemap system. I think it is helpful and easy to use. However, there are some problems with it that may be better addressed with a custom tilemap system that I create. I have listed my needs below:

  1. I want to have one large image that serves as the background for my tilemap, and then add rocks and other things over top of this background.
  2. I want to be able to dynamically generate tilemaps, and randomly add rocks and other things to the aforementioned background.

Is it possible to do these things with the built-in tilemap system or should I create my own tilemap system with meshes and things?

try archieving your goals via different methods.

creating a costum tilemap system costs you time and effort, that you could invest in content. but if you plan on using this system often and on other projects, then go ahead and all power to you :slight_smile: