Should the build code for assetbundle generate one or multiple files?

Hi, I followed the chapter “Build the AssetBundles” (Unity - Manual: AssetBundle workflow) and added a prefab to an assetbundle (means: selected the prefab in Project-view, in inspector window at the bottom I clicked the assetbundle-dropdown → new and entered a new name. After clicking on “Assets” → “Build AssetBundles” build starts and as a result I can find 8 new files in my Assets/AssetBundles directory:

  • myprefab
  • myprefab.manifest
  • myprefab.manifest.meta
  • myprefab.meta
  • AssetBundles
  • AssetBundles.manifest
  • AssetBundles.manifest.meta
  • AssetBundles.meta

As far as I unterstand documentation I should only get one single file as a result?
When I try to load in unity emulator the assetbundle on runtime with

public class LoadFromFileExample extends MonoBehaviour {
    function Start() {
        var myLoadedAssetBundle = AssetBundle.LoadFromFile(Path.Combine(Application.streamingAssetsPath, "myprefab"));
        if (myLoadedAssetBundle == null) {
            Debug.Log("Failed to load AssetBundle!");
        var prefab = myLoadedAssetBundle.LoadAsset.<GameObject>("MyObject");

I get no error and I can’t see my prefab in the scene - down’t know what went wrong :confused:

@ Wile-E
I ran into a somewhat similar problem using that same sample code (except I got an error saying “‘quack’ is not a generic definition”), and I fixed it by removing the period after “LoadAsset”. Here’s what the code should be :

var prefab = myLoadedAssetBundle.LoadAsset<GameObject>("MyObject");

Although it still didn’t bring in the prefab, so something else is still wrong.