Should we stick with the Asset Server?

We are a small team (5 people) with multiple projects. So far we have been using the Asset Server with only a few hickups - however, as the amount of projects increases, the ease of fixing weird concurrency issues drops significantly. Often, a project works on one workstation but is broken on another, which requires us to download the entire project again, and seems like a very unstable situation to be in.

I am aware that the Asset Server with Team License is now a legacy product and no support is provided, and so we are talking about switching to a different system. We have prior experience using Git, but mostly for non-Unity projects, and with multiple projects going on, the issue of escalating binaries could be a problem. Therefore, Perforce and Plastic seems like the obvious choices, but I am unsure if they would be overkill and how much of a hassle a switch would involve?

Any advice would be great! Right now, I’m leaning towards PlasticSCM, mostly because it is “in between” Git and Perforce and this seems like a good place to start. However, I have a feeling that getting to know Plastic would require significant effort and we might as well work out a better strategy for backups etc. on our current Asset Server solution?


Assets Server is not under active development therefor it is not recommended that you stick to it. I have never used PlasticSCM but we have been using Git (along with Source Tree as pc client) for almost 1+ year now on 8+ projects without any major / serious problems.