Should you enable static batching in an SRP project?

I noticed that static batching is disabled in the player settings by default in SRP projects, and was wondering if this is intentional to discourage its use along the SRP Batcher or not. I would love to check if it makes a difference myself, but unfortunately 2022.3 is still not stable enough to handle opening the frame debugger without crashing the editor immediately.

I read the manual pages on Static batching and the SRP Batcher and am still not clear on that since I don’t understand the technical details of the SRP batcher well enough to judge if it replaces the need for static batching or not and both manual pages make no reference to the other at any point.

We have a “language” problem in almost every field of software; unfortunately, in my opinion, people who know something cannot provide the information clearly and concisely enough.

I found this by trying: if you turn on static batching for a GameObject, that is, if you check the “static” box, “GPU Instancing” and SRP Batching are disabled by themselves, even if you have checked the “GPU Instancing” box in the material used by the Object. If SRP Batching is turned on, “GPU Instancing” is disabled.

So there is a hierarchy like this:

Static Batching >> SRP Batching >> GPU Instancing

(and If you turn off Static Batching from Player Settings, of course static batching will not work.)

Does nobody have any ideas? I did some testing and it looks like static batching does show a very significant reduction of batches in the stats overlay when it is enabled. This appears to have minimal impact on performance though, I really wish somebody could clarify how the SRP Batcher and static batching interact with one another.