Show a 2d label on top of marker in 3d space (augmented MARKER )

I have a requirement to show a text on a paper when mobile device place it on the paper ,this is basically an augmented reality feature.

There will be an maker in the paper , and the app it self will recognise the marker and should place a dynamic text which receives from server . So this text will change

After doing a massive research i decided to go with unity and this i what i have accomplished.

So seems my requirement is clear , so my question how can i show a text on top of image target , can someone guide me from here

can show a textmesh but not a UiLabel

Since you’re able to detect the image target, you can try this.,

  1. Create a canvas in the scene
  2. Create a text element inside it
  3. Make the canvas world space
  4. Arrange it on top the image target (like you arranged the cube earlier) and disable it
  5. Finally register to the Vuforia events from your custom script

Now when the image target is detected, you can enable this canvas in the OnTrackingFound event listener.

You can also make an API call when the image target is detected to get the text to be displayed on top of an image target.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for the reply yesterday i managed to do this by doing following things .
There is a function in Vuforia SDK script

OnTrackingFound . and in there managed to get mTrackableBehaviour position . so after that i converted pixel points to vector using WorldToScreenPoint then assigned that to position of label that i want to create