show a camera in one monitor and another camera in another monitor

hi, i am new in Unity, and i have been searching for this answer but i can´t find how.
I have 2 monitors connected to my computer, and I want to show my MainCamera in one of them and in the other monitor i want another camera.
Is this possible? i search for something transform.screenplacement, but I don´t know if this is why i need, besides this propoerty doesn´t appear in the camera´s properties.

I programmed with C# .Net and in there, i made a Form and I tell it to move 1024 pixels to the left so it appears in my other monitor, is the same what i want to do with Unity.

Thanks =)

You can render a cameras output to a Texture.And use it in your material to achieve this effect.

Refer to the following document : Unity - Manual: Render Texture