Show a room created dynamically in another application (assembled from parts)?

Hi, I have a kitchen that is created dynamically in another application. I have a 2D top down view created in flash which creates a custom model. I'd like to load that model which specifies positions, dimensions and types of unit, using scripting i interpret that model and then use that to create the 3D scene.

I would for example be building a kitchen unit, by combining the carcase, doors and drawers which would be need to be dynamically loaded in.

I'm wondering whether the scripting caps of Unity would enable me to dynamically create this scene, or is it not targetted at this level of development. Basically could the whole scene would be dynamically created, right down to floor and walls and placement of lights?

thanks Steve

Yes, Unity can dynamically create instances at runtime of pre-made objects (prefabs) at any position, rotation and scale. You also have full access to dynamically creating custom meshes and assigning materials and textures on-the-fly at runtime. Check out these documentation pages for more information about:

Yes, you can do that, but could you be more specific on how the "Kitchen is created dynamically in another application."? :)

Many thanks for the speedy replies