Show asset on screen using script

I want to load mesh from asset and show it on screen.

I have almost 1,000 number of .obj file, and for each of them, I would like to apply the process below.

1 Load one of the mesh files from asset and show it on a screen.
2 take several screen shots of the object.
3 delete the object

I implemented the process number 2(screen shots), however, I am stuck in loading mesh files from assets and showing part.
If you know, please help me out.

Try it:

  1. Place all your meshes in the Resources folder.
  2. Create basic mesh Game Object (with Mesh filter and MeshRenderer).
  3. Resouces.Load to load mesh.
  4. GetComponent().mesh assign to the new mesh you loaded in (3).
  5. Loop to the end of 1000 meshes.