Show changes in healthbar

I’ve been able to instantiate my health bar, stamina bar and energy bar . I have a variable to handle the pixelInset.width of the prefab. How then, do I display the changes as the player takes damage and heals?

//this debugs out fine.
// change is either a negative number for damage or a positive number for healing.
//first function takes in damage or healing for the int for player life, then calls the next function which is supposed to change the bar width.
public int OnChangeLife(int Change)
			Debug.Log("Incoming Life"+CurrentPlayerLife);
			Debug.Log("adjusted Life"+CurrentPlayerLife);
			return CurrentPlayerLife;
			OnChangeLifeWidth(CurrentPlayerLife, LifeWidth);
//This is supposed to calculate the new bar width, but it's not displaying. The calculation is made, but the bar doesn't change width. What am I missing? a Rect?

	public void OnChangeLifeWidth( int CurrentPlayerLife,  float LifeWidth)
			Debug.Log("Change the Width");
			Debug.Log("Length of bar" + LifeWidth);


Why you call OnChangeLifeWidth(CurrentPlayerLife, LifeWidth); function after return method ??? Noting will execute after return statement. Is that the error ???