Show content with scrollbar?

I want to Show Content(some text or image,like pdf file),
And I need a scrollbar the control the content Up and Down,
But I can’t find an example in GUI document,
So,please give me some advices ,thx…

The scrollviews should do that. It attaches scrollbars automatically, both vertical and horizontal, when the content’s dimensions are greater than the containers. Take a look at the Controls tutorial, and scroll down to the part about scrollviews. It shows what they look like, and gives a code example on how to use them:

It is copy by Unity script reference

// The position on of the scrolling viewport
var scrollPosition : Vector2 =;

function OnGUI ()
    // An absolute-positioned example: We make a scrollview that has a really large client
    // rect and put it in a small rect on the screen.
    scrollPosition = GUI.BeginScrollView (Rect (10,300,100,100),
    scrollPosition, Rect (0, 0, 220, 200));

    // Make four buttons - one in each corner. The coordinate system is defined
    // by the last parameter to BeginScrollView.
    GUI.Button (Rect (0,0,100,20), "Top-left");
    GUI.Button (Rect (120,0,100,20), "Top-right");
    GUI.Button (Rect (0,180,100,20), "Bottom-left");
    GUI.Button (Rect (120,180,100,20), "Bottom-right");

    // End the scroll view that we began above.
    GUI.EndScrollView ();