Show Float and edit from another script.

Hello community!
I have a question, and I would like to know how to solve it.

I have two scripts: A and B
A contains a value.
B shows the value of A.
I would like to modify the value shown by B, but it cannot be done, since it only shows the value of A.

public class A : monoB{
public float val = 0;

public class B : monoB{
public float value;
public A a;
void Update(){
value = a.val; // aqui solo muestro el valor de A, pero no puedo modificarlo.

How could it be shown and at the same time edit the value from script B?

thank you!

try this on script A:

public float _number = 0; // default value = 0

public float number

get{return _number;} // to return the value of _number
set{ _number = value; } // to set the value of _number

then change the script A variable of “number” from script B

You need to reference script instance, in script A , add: public classB class_b; drag the script in the inspector. and then in Start() of script A for example you can say : class_b.val = 5;