Show Leaderboard Score Directly - Google Play Service

I want to show leaderboard score directly as player press on leaderboard icon as like this:

When I was showing a leaderboard it just displaying, list of leaderboard. I want to see actual score directly.

Here is my code:

public void ShowLeaderboard ()
		if (Social.localUser.authenticated)
			Social.ShowLeaderboardUI ();
		else {
			// authenticate user:
			Social.localUser.Authenticate ((bool success) => {
				// handle success or failure
				if (success) {
					Debug.Log ("Login Success....");
					Social.ShowLeaderboardUI ();
				} else {
					Debug.Log ("Login Failed....");

How can I show directly a players score?

You can use following method in Google Play Games Services plugin.

using GooglePlayGames;
using GooglePlayGames.BasicApi;
using UnityEngine;

public static void ShowMyLeaderboard{

    // show specific leaderboard UI