show quotation marks in a string

I did not find any post or question regarding my problem and this makes me worry that it's something everyone knows except from me, but anyway, I'll ask and hope that I don't sound silly:

I use the following js script, that is attached to an empty game object and with the use of a GUIText object (var textToShow: GUIText), I have the seconds of a timer displayed.

var font : Font;
var fontMaterial: Material;
var textToShow: GUIText;

function Update(){
    var runningSeconds: int = Mathf.Repeat(Time.time, 60);
    textToShow.text = runningSeconds.ToString()+"''";

I want to see eg. 15", not just 15.

On the 7th line however, I cannot put " inside the quotation marks (something like: " " "), because the second set of quotation marks is regarded as the last by Unitron. So I use " ' ' " which I don't like much, as the marks are too far apart.

So, does anyone know of a way to put " instead of '' inside quotation marks? :-)

You have to escape the quotes:

textToShow.text = "\"" + runningSeconds + "\"";

Or better:

textToShow.text = String.Format("\"{0}\"", runningSeconds);

Or best:

var textToShow: GUIText;
private var runningSeconds = 0;

function Start () {
    InvokeRepeating("UpdateTimer", .001, 1.0);

function UpdateTimer () {
    textToShow.text = String.Format("\"{0}\"", runningSeconds++ % 60);