Show UI element in front of another


I have some UI elements layered as follow:

– Panel 1

– Panel 2 ( child of Panel 1)

– Panel 3

I need Panel 2 to always render in front of Panel 3. I know unity renders UI from top to down but I can’t move Panel 1 down as I need it to be rendered above Panel 3 and I need to keep Panel 2 as child of panel 1.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused by what you actually want, but I think the solution here is to simply re-organise your hierarchy or perhaps look at setting up your canvas sorting options.

  • Panel 3
  • Panel 1
  • Panel 2 (Child of Panel 1)

If you want Panel 1 above panel 3 and panel 2 above panel 1, wouldn’t this work?