Showing icon on the screen when the object off the screen

Hello friends,

While the object is visible in the camera, I have an icon on the object. But I want to show the icon on the screen even when the game object is not visible on the camera. However, we must put the icon on the edge of the screen.

I’ve attached a sample image from the Grounded game. The icon shows the position of the quest item when the player is not looking at the object.

You mean the icon should be always on.

  1. If you are with an asset built by another person(from Asset Store), you could find it in the inspector in Unity Editor which you can toggle the visiblity.
    1-1. If you didn’t find it and you are a developer, you may edit the part of the script. Look into “if” context that implements the visiblity of the icon.
    1-2. If you didn’t find it and you are not a developer, try turning off the script and duplicate the GameObject(Icon) in runtime.