Showing Tower's range in game


I’m looking for a way to show in game the range of my tower (I’m making a tower defense).
I tried adding cylinder to it and setting his height to zero to make a circle but I don’t see any way to make it visible in game…

I looked over internet for solution but either links are broken either it’s not what I want ><

Yes, you can use a cylinder with height = 0, as in the attached image… But you need to use a perspective cam. Maybe is your problem.
Anyway, the lights don’t help to you see the correctly colors in these cylinders.

I suggest to use at least 0.0001 in the height to get the desired color.

Another solution is to use a texture with alpha channel to looks like a circle, then you can add any collider as you want in the texture.

I resolved my problem which was pretty stupid…
I created a cylinder but It was too little forme to see it and it was under my tower. I tried to change the Raduis but it had no effect. But to ake the circle/cylinder, I needed to change the scale ^^’

Everything is working fineT, thanks for helping! :slight_smile: I just need to find a correct shader (a single circle, tansparent in the middle)

Well, a 3d mesh with height 0 is not visible, but one with a very small height is.

Instead of a cylinder you should use a plane with a texture on it or maybe even better, a sprite. You can then scale the sprite to the correct size, enable/disable it or even fade it’s color alpha in and out. This will give you pretty good results in most situations.