Showing Video In Android (Black Screen Problem)

Currently i am Developing a Android Game. in which i am showing a video tutorial for first time users and this is how i am doing -

  1. Recording a video of game by using Unity Recorder in MP4 Video Format( Showing Tutorial)
  2. Using Video Player Component on GameObject and Assigning Recorded Video to that GameObject(GameObject showing video is a Quad)
  3. Using RenderTexture Option and Creating a Render Texture and Material For it
  4. Setting Material Shader → Sprite/Default

Problem → When Playing Apk in Android Video Screen Shows Black for Few Second then Start Playing as Expected but same thing doesn’t happen in Editor , Any Solution to this bcoz i really dont like that black screen which seems bad and no fun at all ? or if you know any other way to show video Efficiently ,do tell

Same problem here. I need help.

Did anyone find the solution? I have the same problem now @Pratik_Meshram ,Did anyone find the solution…I have the same problem @Pratik_Meshram