Shrinking the FPS Controller?

I was wondering if there was any way to make it so the camera was smaller?
I have just imported a LOT of media from an old project, that I had done on an entirely different engine (FPSC). And when I put down a building, I realised that it was just slightly taller than the controller. But it was a three story building.

Every one of my models is way too small, and I don’t particularly fancy the idea of scaling every single one to fit, as I have about 200 imported already and about a thousand more to import… So any ideas please?

you could always click the camera in the Hierarchy and then look int the inspector for “field of view” it has a little slider that you can drag left-right. you could always decrease the value. not sure if its what you want though. but also if you did this youd need a smaller fps model as well (guns, hands, etc) not just buildings.

Put everything in another game object and scale this one.