Shuriken - Flickering particles effect?


Not sure if I’m missing something but I cant seem to find any way to make flickering particles. Imagine a spark that flickers quickly before dying out for example.

The closest way I’ve found of doing this is to add a few different blends in the colour over lifetime property. From full alpha to zero alpha. This just isn’t very nice though and it’s not random either.

Any ideas?


I thought I might as well post an answer here in case anyone else is wondering how to do the same thing.

A good way to implement a random flicker effect would be to use the Texture Sheet Animation component of a particle system.

For example, if you wanted a particle (e.g. a spark) to be randomly invisible for 25% of the time you could create a sprite atlas with 4 animation frames. Have 3 of the 4 animation frames be the same thing (the spark particle texture), and the 4th just be empty (black for transparent). Then set the Frame Over Time field to Random Between Two Constants between 0 and 4 and voila! Use the Cycles variable in Frame Over Time to set the speed of the flicker.

You could also use an appropriate Curve in Frame Over Time for just the right flicker effect.

Let me know if that wasn’t clear enough.