shuriken not showing against water shader background

The smoke of my battleships, made with black emission in shuriken, is not showing against sea surface. It shows indeed against any other background (sky, buildings, coast, etc). I use easyWater shader 7. But it does the same also with simple water shader (daylight simple). Could it be because the sea plan has a moving texture (at least I think the waves effect is based on that)? Any idea, or better any succesfull experience, on how to solve or workaround that issue?

look for shader’s ‘renderer queue’ value. all shaders are draw in order from lowest to highest queue value. so, basically you just need to reorder shaders to make water draws before shuriken. but, other draw artifacts can occurs 8) shaders sometimes kidding 8)


here described what is ‘renderer quese’ and how to change it. if you need just change a queue of existing shader, first get it’s source here

and second, edit it to change queue value and name to make it different to built-in, for example, ‘Bumped Diffuse queue+10’. place it to project folder and use in materials

Thanks Scroodge. Now, don’t blame me, but… where can I find the ‘renderer queue’?