Shuriken particle color over lifetime won't fade my particles?


I’ve set the particles color over lifetime up to have 255 alpha values at the start, then 0 at the end, however my particles don’t seem to fade. I have no clue why this would happen. Any suggestions? o.o

Thanks in advance!


Ahum, nevermind! >.>

Noticed I was using a non particle shader, put up an alpha blended particle shader and bang they faded, haha!

To make this clear: you can use the renderer “Particle/Alpha Blended” on the particle material.

Possibly you can also use others, but at least this one works. I read multiple times “you need to use A RENDERER which does XYZ” but that doesn’t help, when you don’t know which ones do XYZ…
I thought that “Transparent/Bump Diffuse” should work, because it can handle transparency, but it doesn’t.

Particle/Alpha Blended is a legacy shader in Unity 2020.X.

Instead use Particles/Standard Unlit and set Rendering Mode: Fade and Color Mode: Multiply.