Shuriken Particles Max Numbers

I am designing a particle heavy PC game and would like to know:

  • Is there a max number of particles
    that can be displayed at any one time
    in a scene?
  • Is there a max number of particle
    collision at any one time
    in a scene?

Or is it a matter of the processing power of the PC it is being played on? I have searched but can’t seem to find any hard numbers.


If there is a max number of particles / collisions, it is higher than what I can display on my fairly powerful work machine. The limitation is CPU processing, and in my experience starts to affect framerate at around 100k-150k particles, but depending heavily on what you’re doing with them. Keep in mind that Shuriken is internally multi-threaded, so results may vary.

If you want to get into the millions of particles, you have to use GPU particles with DirectX11 shaders. There’s a commercial package called TC Particles that does it - we’ve played around with it for a couple million dynamic particles.