Shuriken particles - strange load CPU with ParticleSystem.Update

I’m creating about 100 of shuriken particle systems (with max particles 10 each). Then I disable all of them (renderer.enabled = false), stopping them (.Stop() or .Pause()). Even setting emitterEnabled = false.

But even after this I loose all my CPU power on ParticleSystem.Update process. My FPS on iPad dropped from 40 to 7. ParticleSystem.Update() takes all my time.

What’s wrong with this?

PS: Prewarm is off, particle systems are separate objects that are instantiated directly into the world (not attached to any other gameobjects).

I am having the exact same issues. Too bad none of the Unity devs are responding to this. I guess I will be rewriting the particles to a legacy system also…

I couldn’t solve this issue and re-wrote particles from shuriken to legacy. And everything worked fine! 0% CPU load.

My assumption is that shuriken particles (even if I stop them) always check all particle systems for the dead status and that’s the reason it takes lots of CPU power. And I didn’t find the way to shut it down.

Btw, CPU load when running on PC was veeery low. But on iPad ParticleSystem.Update() took a huge part of the load. Maybe the ParticleSystem.Update process is also poorly optimized for iOS?

I see the same issue, fps drops to 1 fps when i use many particles.

same issues here. . . a lot of friends argue about this too