Shuriken/ World Colider Problem Unity 4.1 - Particle just shown inside a Sphere


My Setup: Shuriken System - Unity 4.1

so i created particles. Now i want to use the colider of a sphere as a border.
So just the particle will be created and stay alive inside this sphere.

Any one any suggestions ?

Thank you all


To explain what i try to do:

I juts want the particle to be visible inside the collider. How to do this ? Outside the Sphere the particle should be deleted. Any suggestions ?


So i found the answere on another Post. They way to archive this is the following:

  1. In your Particle set collision to World.
  2. For testing ( and if you dont care about Performance issue) set detection to high.
  3. now Build a Colider in Blender / Cinema with the following shape:
  4. Set the colider where you need to Cut the Particles off.
  5. Now set the layer of the Border to something you wand (border)
  6. Deactivate that layer on your Cam.

Need one day to figure this out. Hope my Post will Help someone.