Shuriken world collision not working with mesh collider

I am trying to set up a situation where the player fires physical bullets which will collide with walls but also want the blood particle system spawned when a bullet hits an enemy to collide with those walls.

It seems I can get either to work but not both. When the walls are set to box colliders the bullets tend to go through which is fixed by making them mesh colliders. however, the particles then seem to go through but are deflected as if there is some kind of partial collision.

The ideal thing at the moment would be to get box collisions to work for efficiency but even with all the contiuous rigid bodies set up the bullets sneak through.

If there is no easy solution i guess i can give every wall a child collider of the other type so I have both.

Is shuriken world collision even supposed to work with mesh colliders yet?

In my case, both mesh and box colliders are working… But particles can get high speeds and thus walk through colliders (like any game object can).

There’s a script to fix this for gameObjects, using raycast but unfortunatelly I don’t think it can be applied to particles.

So, the only way around it for now is creating bigger and/or more colliders. Not always possible to do.