Side Scroller for Mobile Games (iOS & Android) like Geometry Dash

Do i need to spawn the world by making prefabs or just make a very long platform? Sorry I’m a complete beginner and tried making a long platform because if i do a random spawn it wouldn’t be like Mario Run or Geometry dash where when they die they re-spawn and the world is the same, not random all the time(of course my game will be completely different, i just want it to be like a side scroller game where all u do is tap like those for an example). The problem with creating a long platform is when you run it on the simulator it lags very bad im guessing bc of the cpu & frame rate. Any tips or advice will help so much! thanks guys!!!

You could just instantiate single pieces in front of the player and delete them when he can’t see them anymore:

But I would recommend you to start with something easy to learn the basics.