Is there any way that I can take the Unity Construction worker 3d character and make it so that he can only walk left and right like it a Side-Scroller. I have never worked in a Side-Scroller environment and help or tutorials that shows how to set up a Side-Scroller character would be highly thanked.

I have a 3d character that is based off the Construction worker and would really work great in my game so I would prefer it some one was able to help me make it work. But all is good ether way.

Well, you tickled my curiosity. I took that TPS prefab, changed a few thing in the Third person controller and it looks alright. If you want the source : here. And, do those steps to test :

  • Change the ThirdPersonController script from the unity one to mine (it’s the same name, you’ll have to change it, sorry :p)
  • Remove the third person camera script
  • Attach the script CopyPos to the camera, and link the target field to the 3rd person controller object. (Can’t have classic parenting, due to rotation, the script just copy the pos, obviously)
  • Set the offset to 5 1 0.
  • rotate the camera on Y by 270 degree.
  • Enjoy.

Now, look my third person controller script (“my”, I change a couple lines and it becomes mine, nice …), the changes are between < BERENGER > … < /BERENGER >, look for them. Basically, I put the horizontal into the variable v, ignore the vertical, rotate instantly and, if I may say, roulez jeunesse.

Good luck !

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