Significant frame drop when switching to Android platform

I have a very simple scene, with a terrain and some terrain details (some grass). The terrain is actually pretty small (64x64 with 15 height , 512 Detail Resolution, 32 Detail resolution per patch, 1024 base texture resolution , 512 control texture resolution, 513 heightmap resolution.

Switching to Android Platform through build settings, decreases the frame drop and now the movement of the grass caused by the wind doesn’t even look smooth anymore… I mean… shouldn’t the editor actually be capable of running smooth on such a small scene when switching platforms?..

What can i do to make it smooth for Android platform even for small scenes? I’m on a new computer so that is out of question, and also tried on my Samsung S8 running the game and the grass movement isn’t smooth as well…

Yes this is because the graphics processing power of your tiny phone is a lot less than on your big computer. You need to look into optimising your scene/game for phones, use the profiler to find out what takes up the most processing in your game, what needs to be optimised, watch tutorials and research. Look into occlusion and Level Of Detail, as well as other optimizing tips. Look in to specific optimizations for the phones you are targeting.