Signing an Android application

Can someone explain me the steps of signing an android .apk? I’ve already read various aricles on the web but i haven’t understood how to do it. What’s a keystore? How can i create a keystore name file? What are these three passwords (Keystore, key alias, public key)? Thanks for your help!

It’s rather easy actually. If you go into Edit- Project Settings- Player you will find that you have the option to create a Keystore. The Keystore is a way of identifying your app via a password so it is safe and you can get credit for any money you make in the market.

In Publishing Settings you want to check the box that says “Create New Key”. Then you enter a password of your choosing, over 6 characters long.

Browse Keystore- Choose a name and store it on your desktop to give it a location.

Below that you will add another password where it says “Key”. But first you will be asked to use the Alias tab to “create new key”. Do that and enter your password. Fill out all the information about yourself and then once you’ve entered all the appropriate information you will be granted access to your saved project in the Alias tab and you’re done.
Here is full walk-through located on youtube if you haven’t already found this answer on your own by now.