"Silent" Unity web application

Is it possible, to use Unity as Silverlight and create web application that doesn’t have any visual content, just use server Unity script as API from Javascript?

Your question looks like a lot of fairly unconnected tech words fell onto the page, but I’ll do my best to answer…

  • Unity as Silverlight”? No. Unity has nothing to do with Silverlight.
  • Application that doesn’t have any visual content” Well, you don’t have to render any gameobject in the scene, no.
  • Use server Unity script as API from Javascript” Unity runs as a webplayer plugin in the client’s browser, so there’s no such thing as “server” Unity. “Unity script” is Unity’s scripting language based on Javascript, it’s not an API. If you want to access Unity functions from external javascript, read http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UnityWebPlayerandbrowsercommunication.html