Similar Game Development like Subway Surfers

Hi Unity Friends,

I am new to Unity and this is my first ever forum question.

I want to develop a game similar to Subway Surfers. What plugins i need for unity and what steps are involved.

I have experience with modeling texturing and animation.

I need help with level design and controls for iOS etc…Scripting stuff.

Not sure what Subway Surfers is, but you don’t really need any plugin for Unity. If you want to publish to iOS, you need a iOS license (if you want pro, you also need a Unity pro license), that’s all.

The steps involved are importing your objects/textures etc into Unity, write the scripts, put together some levels and then let Unity compile the game.

For the controls, have a look at the search here, Google, etc.

Also, this is not really a forum. This is meant for questions that can be answered, preferably quick and definitive (no opinions, etc.) If you want a real forum, we also have one of those here, easily accessible with the small link in the header, labeled ‘Forums’. Your question would probably be better suited there.

In case someone is still looking for a beginner tutorial on how to
make a game like temple run. The link below would help you: