Simple blender model doesnt seem correct in unity


Im beginer in unity. I use Unity 3.3.0f4 and Blender 2.57.1 I made a very simple model (a bottle) I used only some simple functionalities of Blender to create this model (extrude, scale, and merge vertexes at the top and bottom of bottle)

How can I fix it?

Here is my model: link text

I think the problem is the normals reversing (or getting messed up in some way). See if there is an option to fix them in that version of Blender.

You could also try changing the normals to "calculate" in Unity.

You must press crtl + n to recalculate the normals. Step 1 Go in edit mode in blender. Step 2 select all. Step 3 Press ctrl + n or press t (toolbar on the left opens) and click recalculate.

Thanks your help.

I tried to set normals to calculate in Unity, but the result is similar. I realised that the problem is not in blender because I tried to import into another tool (game studio model editor) and my model works as in unity.

I tried only create a circle and extruded on z axis in blender (nothing else). The results is similar.

BUT I created my simple model and I dont used simple circle as base object. I used cylinder and it is work well.

I dont know why....

Thanks Cery!

It was the problem. I get answer in a blender forum, but your solution is correct!