Simple button script help

I’m trying to make a button that will activate an image on the first click and deactivate it if clicked again. I don’t understand how to make custom scripts for buttons, what is a simple script that will achieve this and how to i attach the image i want activated? I’m coding in c#

All you would have to do is make a script with a boolean variable, and a function for the button to use. Something like this:

bool showImage = false;
public GameObject displayImage;

public void ToggleButton()
    showImage = !showImage ;

void Update()
    if (showImage)

If you’re using the new unity UI (with a Canvas), you can make the UI button call the “ToggleButton” function by scrolling down to the “OnClick” list, drag in whatever gameObject has this script on it, and then point it at at the correct function. Also, make sure to assign the displayImage variable from the editor.

If you’re using the old unity OnGUI system, just wrap the button with an if statement, and inside call the ToggleButton() function from inside the if statement.

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Searching for function Button click on C#
this a simple code to make a click and show an image, just make a new scene for image and you need to make a button again in Image scene with transparency set to 0

this tutorial will help you

hope it help you :slight_smile: