Simple Car scene


I'm new to unity, and I really love it. I have learned few basics like how to make the terrain and make a first person camera movement.

Now I'm trying to make simple car, that can run in my terrain. I have done one cube (Body), and four cylinders as wheels. I cant figure out how to make it run like a car and how to make the camera follow.

I have browsed the Internet, but every "Tutorial" was very hard, and was more "Professional"

Can you link/ or tell me how to make a car, that can run, turn and have the camera following? (I dont want it to behave as a real car, because im sure its hard to make for a beginner like me)

I hope you can help me!

~ Janman

Rather than using a cylinder for wheels, you should use an empty gameobject with a WheelCollider component.

I have found a good simple method is to:

  • Create a single empty gameobject
  • Add a wheelcollider component
  • Create a new prefab in your project pane
  • Drag the wheel gameobject on to that prefab, and name it "wheel"
  • Now you can create 3 more copies of your prefab into your scene, to get 4 wheels

Because your wheels are now all referencing the same prefab, you can alter a setting (such as the tyre grip) and the setting will automatically apply to all 4 wheels.

If you want to read more about setting up cars in unity, there's a really good tutorial here.